About Work From Home Jobs

If you are tired of trying to balance your work life and home life, then it may be time to combine the two by pursuing a career that allows you to work from home. Thanks to the Internet, as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can support your family with a great income, while spending time with them.

Career paths range from marketing your own creative efforts, like digital photographs and freelance articles, to helping businesses of all sizes to run more efficiently by working as a virtual assistant, customer services representative or even a mystery shopper. Antique aficionados can even capitalize on their knowledge by selling items online through their own e-commerce websites or through third party auction websites.

Depending on your job, you may even be able to choose your own hours, which means that you can be there to drop off your children at school and pick them up, while still working full time. Read on for more of the most in demand jobs and at home businesses that you can get started from your home.

Provide Valuable Information With Online Surveys

One of the hardest things for businesses to find is honest and worthwhile market information about their target customer base. If you meet the demographics for a product, then a company will be excited to learn not only what you think about their current offerings, but also about what needs you may have, that they can meet with future products and services.

For example, a company that currently sells healthy snacks for children will want to know more about you and your family, if you are a parent who does the marketing for your family. There are a lot of companies that fall into similar categories, and they all will pay handsomely to find out about your family’s eating, shopping and other habits, as well as your impression of their other brands. The best part of doing online surveys, though, is that besides knowing that you are helping a company improve itself, you also are able to do your work in very small, yet profitable, increments throughout the day.

Tell Your Story With Freelance Writing

Have a knack for expressing yourself with concise, yet interesting writing? There is a large market for freelance writers who can adjust their writing style on an as needed basis to suit their clients’ directions. This is because, as a freelance writer, you may be writing a news article one day and a series of product descriptions the next.

The current job market is bleak, which means that you may also be able to earn money by helping job hunters to revise their resumes and write cover letters for job applications. If you discover a talent for this sort of work, then be ready for a flood of e-mails requesting your assistance, since recommendations for this service tend to spread by word of mouth.

Fast Typists Can Perform Data Entry From Home

Can you type more than 90 words per minute? Without any errors? If friends and family marvel at your ability to quickly type up e-mails, articles and the like, then data entry work is an ideal way for you to earn money from home. Businesses need data entry operators to help to convert large legacy data systems, type computer code and even transcribe medical records.

The Internet Makes Selling Photography Easy

Amateur photographers who often find themselves looking longingly at a beautiful autumn day, while stuck in their offices can finally escape their board room boredom by turning their hobby into a profession. Over the past several years, digital cameras have fallen in price significantly, and as long as you can upload your photographs to the Internet, you are in business!

There are many online marketplaces that allow purchasers to have prints of all sizes made of your photographs. When someone buys the right to download your photograph, the company will pay you a royalty. Marketing firms also need photographs for their brochures, presentations and other materials. This clip art, ranging from mundane photographs of babies, nature and furniture to more artistic shots of famous locations, historic events and other more complicated photographs, typically comes from a huge number of different freelance photographers.

The marketing firm will buy the rights to your photograph, so that they can use it in a future advertising campaign without worrying about it showing up on a competitor’s website. While you will only receive a onetime payment, it will be a much bigger lump sum than the small royalty you would receive from download.

Leverage Your Social Network With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you are paid a percentage of sales of goods that you promote on your website, blog, Facebook page or Twitter account. If you have a large social network already, then earning some extra money through affiliate marketing could be as easy as putting a link or two to your favourite products on your Facebook or Twitter profile, but to earn a steady income, you will likely need to expand even further.

A blog requires you to write about a niche topic, whether it is parenting, recipe reviews or even something as personal as weekly photographs and stories about your dog. When you tie in links to products in your posts, or add links to them on the sidebar of the blog, and your readers click on them to see what you are recommending, then you can earn money from those sales.

Help Small Businesses Stay Organized As A Virtual Assistant

There are many start up and small businesses in the U.K. that need the organizational help of an assistant, but do not need one on a full time basis. You can work from home for a few different clients to help them with different administrative tasks, such as arranging corporate travel, coordinating renovations to the company offices and even facilitating conference calls. Typically, you will agree to be available to your clients during certain hours each week. If a company has an emergency, this may translate into a nice overtime bonus for you!

The Internet has made it inexpensive for businesses to make international phone calls, so, depending on your scheduling preferences, you may find yourself working with businesses located in other countries. Being able to write in the American and Australian styles of English is a must, if you want to be able to work as a virtual assistant with businesses located there.

Provide Customer Service From The Comfort Of Home

We have all walked away from businesses that otherwise had perfectly good products and services, due to poor customer service. You can help businesses to keep their customers happy by working as a customer service representative from the comfort of your home. The company that you will work for will set you up with a dedicated phone line for calls, as well as a headset and computer, so all you need to provide is the ability to remain calm while working with stressed customers.

Customer service representatives who can keep a sense of humor while working through a client’s complaint with him or her will be able to enjoy great pay, as well as their choice of hours. More and more businesses are offering their customers the opportunity to call their help centers to ask for assistance around the clock, so no matter which shift you want to work, you can be assured that there will be a demand for your services. No two customers are the same, so while you will be working from home to respond to customers every day, you can be confident that it will always be an interesting experience.

Online Auction Sellers Help Other Build Collections

If you have a knack for picking up great bargains at thrift stores and junk sales, then you can turn your hobby into a full time home based business by using the Internet to sell antiques like clocks, furniture and even jewellery as well as other vintage collectors’ items, like cartoon t-shirts, porcelain figurines and home decor items. Being able to identify high quality designer items that holder their value, such as Hermes silk scarves amongst a pile of low priced garage sale items can also mean the beginning of a great new business venture.

There are a number of online auction websites that you can use to sell your goods. All of these attract large amounts of web traffic, which means that all you have to do is list high quality items with clear photographs and detailed and accurate descriptions. While there are many online auction sellers who sell a wide variety of different goods, novice online auction sellers are most successful when they start their businesses by focusing on the niche products that they know best. That means that if you know not only how to source collectible antique books, but also how to price them, then you should focus on selling them first. Then, after you have found success, you can consider expansion into related areas.

Drop Shipping Means No Inventory Costs

If the thought of sourcing and then storing inventory overwhelms you, you can still enjoy the profitable experience of selling goods online through your own website or an online auction website by using drop shipping. When you use drop shipping suppliers to source the goods that you sell, when a customer places an order or wins an auction for an item that you have listed, you in turn will place an order for that item with a wholesale drop ship supplier who will ship the item directly to the recipient. You will pay the drop ship supplier, the customer will pay you, and the difference is your profit.

There are many different drop ship suppliers who will ship their products to customers throughout the U.K., and across the globe. While some drop ship suppliers offer whole sale inventory in niche categories, such as women’s luxury goods, others offer more general categories. Before signing a contract with a drop ship supplier, look at both the variety of goods available, as well as the costs of the goods themselves. If they cost too much, then you may be unable to earn a profit.

Make Money While Shopping As A Mystery Shopper

Quality control is an essential component of every business. For large corporations, it can be challenging to ensure that every department store location, bank branch, office and restaurant is operating at both peak efficiency, as well as offering customers the best experience possible. Mystery shoppers are employees or independent contractors who are hired to visit locations near their home and pose as regular shoppers.

Without alerting the local management to their task, as a mystery shopper you then complete a typical shopping event, such as asking about mortgage rates at a bank or locating a sales assistant to help you find a particular dress. Your report back to the company’s corporate headquarters is then used as part of their work to identify ways to ensure that their various branches and offices remain in alignment with their overall strategic plan, as well as to find ways to better serve their customers’ various needs at stores throughout the U.K.

Working as a mystery shopper means that you can take on assignments when you have time to work, and pass on assignments when you are busy with your family or other obligations. While you have to do your mystery shopping during the business’s open hours, you generally are able to do them at any time during a range of days, which makes being a mystery shopper one of the most flexible jobs that you can do while being based from home. If you are able to provide consistent quality feedback as a mystery shopper, you may be able to land more lucrative and exciting assignments, such as being paid to dine out at expensive restaurants with your husband or go on a family vacation in exchange for your feedback.