Affiliate Marketing

For people looking to work from home, affiliate marketing is a great choice. You can set your own hours, work as much or as little as you want, and be directly rewarded for the amount of effort you put into your business. Because there are many different methods to success in affiliate marketing, it’s a good idea to know the basic idea behind each of the business models that perform well. Here we’re going to take you though each of the important business models for affiliate marketing so that you can decide which model fits your own personal style.

The General Formula for Affiliate Marketing Success

On the most basic level, there are four parts to any affiliate marketing campaign. First, you need to decide on a niche or industry to focus on and create a website around that niche or industry. Next, you get traffic to view your website. Once you’re getting traffic, you choose affiliate programs from your website’s industry that will offer to sell products or services to your readers. Finally, you’ll track your results and test new ideas to make your affiliate marketing business more efficient at getting traffic and converting readers into customers.

The Different Models for Obtaining Web Traffic

You can get web traffic from many different sources, but there are three general methods to getting the kind of traffic you need to have success in affiliate marketing. There’s direct traffic from social media, videos or offline fliers, pay per click traffic from advertising companies, and traffic that you get from search engines. You can use one or more of these methods to general traffic to your affiliate marketing website.

Getting direct traffic involves putting your website in the view of people who are likely to go to it. If you market your website with social networking sites, social bookmarking sites or offline advertisements, you’re pulling in direct traffic. The quality of the traffic that you get from this method will depend on what you use to get people to visit your website. In general, it’s best to use this traffic method as a supplement to traffic that you get from pay per click advertising or search engine optimization.

Pay per click advertising involves paying advertising companies money to advertise your website across their network. When someone clicks on an advertisement to view your site, you are charged for the click. Pay per click has the advantage of being able to target specific keywords so that your advertisements only show up on relevant websites, which drastically increases the quality of the traffic you get from this method.

The most newbie-friendly method of getting web traffic is search engine optimization. This method involves building authority and trust in the eyes of the search engine algorithms, specifically Google and Bing. There are many tips and tactics that can be used as part of an overall strategy for search engine optimization. The general idea behind SEO is to have a good navigational structure on your website and build lots of backlinks, or one-way links to your website from other related sites.

Making Good Affiliate Program Choices

Within the industry or niche you have chosen for your website and affiliate marketing campaign, there will be a number of different affiliate programs available. You’ll need to read reviews from other affiliates before you commit to a program to see how the different programs perform. It’s best to find three to five good programs to try out at the beginning of your affiliate marketing career, and then narrow it down to two or three over time by eliminating the programs that perform the worst.

Optimising and Building Your Profits Over Time

Once your website is up and running with affiliate programs picked out, your real work begins. At this stage in your affiliate marketing campaign, you’ll be tracking your results and testing new ideas to see if you can find ways to get more traffic and get a better conversion rate from your traffic. This is a never-ending process that allows you to continue to build your profits over time as you work from home.

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