Freelance Work From Home: Creating Your Online Portfolio

by WorkFromHomeJobs on March 3, 2012

When you work from home as a freelance professional, you will need to create a digital portfolio of all of your accomplishments. This portfolio allows potential clients to examine your work, see if they can “connect” with your style, and establish a trust between client and professional. An online portfolio is simply a personal website […]

Work At Home Professionals Need Fresh Air And Friendship

by WorkFromHomeJobs on March 1, 2012

Working from home as a freelance operator, a home based employee, or as a business owner is a dream come true for many people. The typical work at home professional is highly dedicated, almost to the point of being a workaholic. While it is true that many work from home so they can be more […]

Why All Freelance Writers Must Own A Shredder

February 27, 2012

No one wants to think about things like stolen trade secrets or identity theft. No one wants to think that someone could ruffle through their rubbish and pull out your discarded writings and use it for crime. Most freelance writers do not even think that their rough-drafts are worth the paper they scribbled their notes […]

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Data Entry Positions Offering Hundreds Of Pounds Per Day Are A Scam

February 24, 2012

Everyone that begins investigating work from home positions will come across the banner advertisements. These advertisements are designed to grab your attention. They make promises of large sums of money with little effort or time. You see them everywhere, and your curiosity is peaked. You are more than likely a new mum. This is the […]

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Freelance Technical Writing Niche Markets Often Overlooked

February 21, 2012

When you are a work from home freelance writer you often bid on a variety of projects to gain experience and to pay the bills. One day you are completing a technical writing job, and the next day you begin writing marketing articles on a product you have never heard of until that day. Eventually […]

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The 4/4 Plan For Successful Home Business Marketing On The Internet

February 20, 2012

When you own a home based business, especially one that is entirely run on the Internet, it is exceedingly important that you market your company successfully. A business that cannot drive traffic to their site and generate sales is a business that does not make a profit. The easiest method for online marketing success is […]

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7 Tips To Keeping An Organised Work From Home Business

February 17, 2012

If there is one thing that could destroy a home business quickly, it is disorganisation. Being disorganised not only wastes time, space, and money, it also can destroy client relations. What could possibly be worse than having to call your client for credit card information because you “misplaced” their banking information since the last time […]

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How To Evaluate A Home Business Offer In 3 Easy Steps

February 14, 2012

When a person decides that they want to start a home business, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the offers that are put before you. There are so many different sales pitches and business angles that you are not sure what is for real and what is a scam. It can become so burdensome […]

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Why Online Videos Should Be Your Next Marketing Tool

February 12, 2012

The Internet is continually changing; every day brings about a new marketing tool or scheme. Only five years ago a business could face possible extinction if their website did not contain an opt-in email newsletter. Now, the newsletter trend has gone the way of the dinosaur and everyone is using RSS feeds. Some trends, however, […]

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Creating An eBook Can Provide You With Long Lasting Residual Income

February 9, 2012

There have been many new products and services that have been created as a direct result of the Internet. Of those creations, the eBook is perhaps the most popular. eBooks have many advantages including: Anyone can write one They are very easy to publish and distribute with minimal cost involved Depending on the subject matter, […]

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