Can You Earn Full-Time Income by Taking Online Surveys

by WorkFromHomeJobs on May 23, 2011

One of the most popular ways to earn money from home is by taking online surveys. Market research companies and Fortune500 companies count on consumer’s honest opinions to determine if they are meeting customer needs and if changes need to be implemented. The research and survey results are compiled and shared with executives and marketing strategists within the companies to determine where they excel and where they need to make important changes. In exchange for your time and services, market research companies will pay you for your time with cash, prizes, gift cards, and even vacations packages, for their most loyal survey-takers.

Although the majority of online survey takers do so for supplemental, part-time, or extra income, there are many online survey takers that enjoy the benefits of receiving a substantial hourly wage by taking online surveys. Some enjoy surveys so much that they have made it a legitimate home business, getting friends and family in on the survey-taking action. With patience and persistence, it is possible to earn a full-time living by taking online surveys. If you love the idea of getting paid for your honest opinions and do not find the work mundane or repetitive, you can easily begin earning a substantial hourly wage within three to six months of getting started.

To get started, it is best to apply to as many online survey sites, market research sites, opinion-based websites, and focus group websites as possible. One company cannot provide enough survey opportunities to keep you working full time. Every company goes through slow periods where survey invitations are scarce. Having a large “nest” of companies ensures that you will always have a large number of survey opportunities to choose from at any given time. You can search online job boards, home-based worker forums, and reputable classified ad sites to gain information on where to find reputable online survey sites and how to apply. Be sure to provide as much information as you feel comfortable; the more information you provide, the more survey invitations you will receive.

Keep a separate e-mail account to compile all of your survey invites. Survey takers are subjected to large amounts of spam. It can be stressful and frustrating to accidentally overlook an important personal e-mail when it is lost among a sea of spam e-mails. Keeping a separate e-mail account for all of your survey invites and e-mails will keep your business separate from your personal accounts. It is important to treat survey-taking as a business, especially if you are going to take online surveys full time. Be sure to check your e-mails throughout the day to weed out any spam and to jump on any high-paying survey invites. Survey invitations tend to expire quickly, so you have a limited window of opportunity to take advantage of completing them. Checking your e-mail several times throughout the day ensures that an important survey deadline will not be missed.

When you are first getting started with online surveys, it is important to try and accept as many survey invitations as possible, even if they offer little or no up-front payment. Most market research companies appreciate loyal consumers and survey-takers. As you respond quickly and provide honest feedback in a timely manner, survey companies will deem you as dependable and will subsequently send more surveys with higher payouts.

As with any home business, it is important to treat online surveys as a real job. Set goals, adhere to your intended schedule, and stay organised and you will soon be able to pick and choose which surveys you will complete.

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