Customer Service

Work from home customer service jobs are available in a large variety of fields. Each position requires a broad range of experience or knowledge, opening up the opportunity to people from all walks of life. Customer service positions can be performed full time as a career, or part time as a way to earn extra income.

Who Qualifies For Customer Service Representative Positions?

Anyone that has a little keyboard skill and time can qualify for a customer service rep position. Mums with time on their hands while the children are at school, work-from-home business people, and even students wanting to make some money in the evenings all qualify for this type of work.

Applicants should have a reliable computer with high-speed Internet access, a land-line and possibly a fax machine to work in this industry. If you are going to seek telecommuting positions offline through local businesses, you should also invest into business cards to hand out to prospective employers.

What Types Of Businesses Use Telecommuters?

Nearly all online companies use home-based customer service representatives for their companies. Since most of these companies only have a small physical office, it is easier for them to employ people that work from home.

Many land-based companies have seen the benefits of telecommuting and are switching operations over to this type of process. The benefit the company receives in cost reduction allows them to employ telecommuters at very good rates.

Where Do You Find These Positions?

If you are looking for online based employment, there are several places you can turn to for these positions. The first thing you should do is join a freelance or telecommuter community. These sites often have job listings available for members of the community. Online classified ad postings also may lead you to a good position.

Scam Alert: When you are searching for these positions you should never have to pay for the information, nor should you pay to get “placed” into a position. These are almost always scams. Communities mentioned above occasionally have membership fees, but there are no charges to look for work on the site. If the site claims you must pay – you should move on.

Offline positions can be found by contacting companies directly through their human resources department. Because these positions are very coveted, it is unlikely they will publicly advertise the opening.

Things To Remember

  • When you apply for these positions you should have a proper CV prepared to submit to the potential employer. Even if this is your first job, it is important to present yourself professionally.
  • Customer Service positions include a large variety of tasks. You may find a position for processing orders, answering telephones, working a help desk, entering data, making reservations or even performing customer care follow-up calls. Do not limit yourself when you are applying for positions.
  • Professionalism is key to success. Customers can be unruly, especially on the phone. Keeping a calm demeanour at all times will ensure that you keep your position and perform your duties well.
  • Finding a position like this takes time. Even though there is an ever-increasing need for this type of work, it can take a little while to land the position. Don’t give up, you will find work.
  • Always stay in touch with members of the telecommuting community. By remaining an active part of the community you will be the first to know about new positions or opportunities.

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