Data Entry Positions Offering Hundreds Of Pounds Per Day Are A Scam

by WorkFromHomeJobs on February 24, 2012

Everyone that begins investigating work from home positions will come across the banner advertisements. These advertisements are designed to grab your attention. They make promises of large sums of money with little effort or time. You see them everywhere, and your curiosity is peaked.

You are more than likely a new mum. This is the largest group of people that work from home. The thought of making that much money in so little time means that you can work only one or two days to earn what you need, giving you ample time with your little one.

The more you think about it, the more tempting it becomes. You do a little more research, and you keep finding the ads. Finally the temptation for easy money is so overwhelming that you click on the banner and find yourself reading a landing page that tells you that you must act now.

Instinctively, you reach for your credit card and you grab at the opportunity. Sadly, you just wasted your money.

How These Programs Work

Data entry sites that offer large amounts of money for data entry work are nothing more than an envelope stuffing scheme in digital format. The company, after you pay a very large sum of money to join, provides you with digital advertising exactly like the banner you clicked on, and a list of places where you should begin to promote your link. If and when someone registers with the parent company through your link, you will receive a commission. That is all there is to this scam.

They advertise it as “data entry” because they suggest that you place classified advertisements which, technically, require you to type in the ad. As for the money, they calculate how long it would take you to type that advertisement, say 2 minutes, and multiply that number into an hour. Using the 2 minute time frame this means you could type in 30 an hour. If each sale generates 10 pounds for you, technically you could earn 300 pounds per hour.

It is creative math to make their scam look credible.

Finding Real Data Entry Work At Home Positions

When you are looking for real work at home data entry positions the first thing that you should do is avoid any advertisements offering large sums of money for your work. In the telecommuting industry most employees that work from home make the same or a little more than their office-based counterparts. Freelancers may be able to increase their pay by offering special services.

Remember that going to work for an employer as an off-site employee will not cost you anything. You would never pay to be hired into a position offline; you should never pay to be hired into one online. Telecommuting positions are real employment opportunities. You will need to submit a CV, you will go through an interview, and you will be hired at no cost to you.

Real telecommuting positions for data entry work can be found online through various job placement agencies or classified sites. You may also find that applying direct to major corporations through their online HR department will place you in a position to find off-site work that is not publically advertised.

You can also find many telecommuting positions right in your own community. As business owners look for ways to reduce their expenses, many are turning to telecommuters to fill their positions. However, many are not sure where to find people to fill these positions. Distributing your CV and a business card to local businesses can lead to a home based data entry position.

The Most Important Thing To Remember

When you are searching for work at home data entry positions you need to remember that:

  • You should never pay to be hired by a company
  • You should never pay to find out who is hiring data entry personnel. Companies do not publish books to find employees, they place help wanted advertisements
  • Never believe a company that is offering large sums of money for relatively little work

Even when you believe that you have found a legitimate company online to work for as a data entry specialist, take a few moments of your time and do a little background research on the company.

This five or ten minutes that you devote to checking out the company will save you many headaches and heartaches in the long run.

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