Freelance Technical Writing Niche Markets Often Overlooked

by WorkFromHomeJobs on February 21, 2012

When you are a work from home freelance writer you often bid on a variety of projects to gain experience and to pay the bills. One day you are completing a technical writing job, and the next day you begin writing marketing articles on a product you have never heard of until that day. Eventually as you become more experienced and comfortable with this type of work you will develop preferences for the types of assignments that you desire.

Many freelance writers enjoy the crisp writing style that technical writing provides. It allows you to educate and inform through your writing. You can use your creativity to make the documents you create sound as if they were written by a PhD, even though you do not hold a Doctorate. However, many writers believe that they must hold an advanced degree to even enter into this writing market. This is untrue, and many writers who could generate a very good income from technical writing are passing on the opportunities.

While there are times that it will be necessary to have a specific educational background to complete a technical writing assignment, most assignments can be completed by anyone with the talent to write.

Freelancers who desire to write in the technical writing style may wish to consider the following 7 niche markets. These are very popular technical writing markets that are often overlooked.

  • Grant Writing
    Organisations that wish to receive money from the government or endowment programs must complete a grant application to be considered for the program. Most people, however, are ill-equipped to prepare the grant application. Grant applications are very intricate, and the slightest omission can cause the applicant to be denied. Because most people do not feel comfortable preparing the grant application, they turn to skilled freelance technical writers.
  • CV and Cover Letter Writer
    This type of professional writing is highly in demand. While many people are given the basics on how to create a CV, most do not have the ability to create one that will actually get them hired. A recent review of some of the top employers in the country have stated that CV’s that have spelling mistakes, are filled with catch phrases such as “team player,” and are not in the correct format are automatically overlooked. With unemployment at such a high level, technical writers that can generate a CV that helps someone get hired will have a long list of clients.
  • Employment Papers
    Many employers want business-specific paperwork for their employees, but often fail to create them and opt for generic forms purchased online. Creating employment forms, benefit forms and employee manuals is a very lucrative niche. You can also create employment form for foreign companies that are now doing business in the UK and need forms created in English.
  • Instruction Booklets
    Many instructions created by a company when they first produce a product are too hard for the average person to understand. There is a large market for creating How-To booklets for products that are new to the market.
  • Translation Writing
    Many companies wish to sell their products in other countries but do not have the skills to write instructions in other languages. If you can translate into one or more languages, this is a very broad market.
  • Case Studies
    A case study is a written report that informs a company about a problem that has occurred within their product line. The case study will require a listing of different scenarios of the outcome of this problem, and it must also provide one or more solutions to the problem. Case studies are very intricate and require a significant amount of research. In many cases, case studies require 6 or more months to complete. Case writing pays very well, however, because of the length of time it takes to complete a project you must take your finances into consideration prior to accepting this type of work.
  • Tests
    Schools, textbook publishers, tutors, and online institutions are all required to administer tests. If you have the ability to create tests from written material that is provided to you, you can become a test composer. This type of work is always in demand, especially by the text book publishing houses.

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