Freelance Writing

One of the most profitable and lucrative ways to make money from home is by becoming a freelance writer. Freelance writers work for a variety of clients and content generation websites. They may write short stories, blog entries, press releases, research articles, how-to articles, and essays on virtually any topic. A full-time freelance writer can earn a very good living, comparable to many high-paying executive’s salaries in corporate management.

Getting started with freelance writing is generally very easy. Anyone with the drive, passion for writing and researching, and those with impeccable grammar skills can begin writing immediately. Most clients and websites do not require any formal specialised training or a college degree in order to begin writing. Most professional writing companies will require one or more writing samples, a resume’ outlining relevant experience, and links to published works online, if they should exist.

There are thousands of reputable private clients and online content generating sites that are looking for professional freelance writers. Many online job boards, distance education colleges, and sites that cater to work from home professionals offer information on companies that are hiring, what the requirements are as it pertains to the position, the type of writing style required, and the rate of pay. Freelance writing jobs can be competitive, so it is always best to apply early, take the time to fill out the online application thoroughly, and submit a well-written sample. It is important to check for typographical errors using a common spell-check program or word processing program. Some writing companies will reply within a few days; others take several weeks to several months to respond to job inquiries, depending upon the number of applicants and number of available positions within the company.

Apply to as many legitimate companies as possible. Successful full and part-time freelance writers do not rely solely upon one company to provide them with enough work to earn a good wage. The key to making great money as a freelance writer is to keep a large portfolio consisting of private companies, content generating sites, and revenue-sharing sites. Online writing companies and private clients do go through dry spells, at times; having a large “nest” of sites ensures that consistent work and projects will always be available.

Another important tip to remember, especially when first getting started with writing, is to never turn down low-paying or pro bono assignments. Many websites with high traffic and online magazine and trade publications may offer low-paying initial opportunities to assess a writer’s capabilities and writing style. If they like the writer, they will often hire them to be a featured contributor or topic specialist. These assignments are generally very high-paying and consistent. Taking advantage of every promising opportunity will result in gaining some very loyal and high-paying clients, in the end.

With patience, drive, motivation, and a passion for creative writing and research, anyone can have a successful professional career from home as a freelance writer. Imagine being able to make good money from home without having to deal with the hassles associated with a daily commute to and from the office; begin a career as a freelance writer and start making money today.

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