Make Money Online

Every day the Internet continues to grow and expand the opportunity that entrepreneurs have to build any type of business they want: work from home, residual income, drop shipping, and the list goes on. Never before has there been such an exciting time for the individual who is capable of using information to thrive without having to be part of the rat race.

However, the above is hardly new information. Many people have already begun their search for the holy Grail, the fountain of youth, and the stone of knowledge online. Suffice it to say, the Internet is a very crowded marketplace currently. This does not mean that you cannot make money online; it simply means that you have to be smarter about it.

Avoid the Scammers and Liars Online!

The first thing that any budding Internet millionaire must do in order to make money online is to avoid what will definitely not make money online: that is the many scams and get rich quick schemes that the more unscrupulous of Internet users put out there. Fortunately, these scammers are pretty easy to spot.

Any website or advertisement which proclaims that you can make an obviously insane amount of money in a short amount of time is a scam. Hard work is hard work, and no innovation or technology, even one as all-encompassing as the Internet, will allow anyone to make $5000 in 5 min. within the first five hours of learning of business. It is good sometimes to peruse these scammy offers to familiarize yourself with the type of fake copywriting and fake testimonials, and even fake income evidence that these sites use in order to draw people in.

The bottom line is this: scammers attempt to take advantage of some people’s misplaced dreams of getting something while giving nothing. The true entrepreneur knows that the way to get rich is to offer more service, not no service. The trick is to provide such a service without killing yourself in the process, or working all day for the benefit of the boss, like so many misinformed 9-to-5 rat racers do.

How to Make Real Money Online

You have come across your muse at a good time, as there are many models of success to follow if you want to achieve financial success on the Internet. Below we will go over some of the more common business models that work. Of course you can choose any one or more of these to be your own business model; the way to decide is to keep in mind what your interests and desires truly lie. Keep that in mind, stay focused, and rest assured that there is definitely a business model for you.

One of the best things about the Internet is that there are no barriers to entry. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to take years of IT training or have an IQ of 180 to get started doing business. You can start now and learn as you go. The Internet tends to be a bit more forgiving of rookie mistakes, as the costs of advertising and promoting a business are much lower than doing the same on traditional media. And it does not matter if you do not know how to design a website or be a webmaster: These days there are so many free resources and guides that all you have to do is use the information that is already there, literally only a mouse click away!

On to the business models of Internet success.

  1. Starting an affiliate web site.
    An affiliate web site is a web site on which you provide some type of content while posting ads on the side about some product (hopefully one that is relevant to the content that you are providing). When people click on the ad and purchase the products, you gain a commission.

    Now there are plenty of ways to become a rich affiliate; there are also plenty of ways to become a stagnant one. The secret is to create site content that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about. Then you must simply find products which relate to that content, so that people who come to your site to read your content will be interested in the products on the side.

    For instance, if your passion is fishing, you want to write about fishing and find ads about fishing rods, not houses. Even though a house costs much more than a fishing rod, and should someone purchase a house through your affiliate link you would be greatly compensated, it is highly unlikely that people who go on the Internet looking for fish want to buy a house.

    The bottom line with affiliate web sites is providing entertaining, relevant content and choosing product ads based on that content.

  2. Create An EBook
    If there is something that you do especially well, and you have a talent for writing (or you know one of the many sites by which you can hire a writer) you can write an EBook.

    EBooks are the new way that people intake information these days. Also, people love video series. Once you have this content, you can then take affiliates and give them a commission in exchange for promoting your product.

  3. Sell Products on EBay
    There are many ways to create a business selling products on EBay, and many books written on how to do it. The best EBay sellers do not ever even have to see the merchandise they sell; they have mastered the art of the drop ship. EBay has been proven many times over to be a gold mine for people with a particular skill set for detail and customer service.
  4. Freelance Writing / Virtual Assistant
    If you love capturing and helping other people organize their ideas, then being a virtual assistant or a freelance writer is for you. Think of it: You can be at home, in your panamas, eating cereal, helping others make and organize decisions across the globe (as long as you can remain professional at home in your panamas eating cereal).
  5. Blogging
    Blogging has long since bucked the trend of being only the realm of really happy junior high school kids. Nowadays blogging to make money is a professionally recognized service. Passionate bloggers can become gatekeepers to industries, as their opinions are respected and can make or break products. As a blogger, if your viewership is high enough, you can attract advertisers and affiliates of all sorts, willing to pay a fee to sell to your audience. The main things required are high viewership and integrity, because if you don’t have both, one side will invariably leave.

This is hardly a substantive list of the types of business models that can be successful on the Internet, but it is a great start. You have the world at your fingertips. Do not let it slip through or downplay your abilities hiding in the shadows doing something that you are not passionate about for the rest of your life. Take your life in your hands, read stories of others who have done the same thing to inspire yourself, and use the Internet to make your life and the lives of others better.

Making lives better: That’s how you make money online.

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