Working from home can be a dream position for anyone. There is the freedom to work the hours that you choose, wear what you want to work in, and you no longer have the hectic commute to and from work. Working from home allows you to care for your children, explore your talents, and become successful as quickly as you desire.

Working from home can also have some drawbacks. If you are not careful, interruptions can turn into permanent distractions. By learning what the most common problems for work at home professionals are, you can easily avoid them.

  1. Family and Friend Interruptions.
    One of the most common problems that people that work from home face is their family and friends. Many people incorrectly assume that since you work at home, your time is always available. You will find that people will “pop” in at all times of the day, email or call during your business hours, or schedule plans during times in which you work. All of this under the assumption that you work from home and are not tied to any obligations. The way to correct this problem is to establish work hours for yourself and inform family and friends that during that time you are not available. They would respect that if you were in an office setting, so do not think you would be offensive if you ask them to respect that while you are working at home.
  2. Over Working Yourself.
    Many people decide that they want to work from home because they need more time to pursue the things they enjoy. However, once they begin their venture, they lock themselves away in their home office and work from sunrise to the early morning hours. Since over working is always a personality trait of someone who wishes to start their own business, you will have to make a schedule for yourself and keep it to solve this problem. While there will always be the occasion that requires long hours to complete a project, try to schedule your work where you have the free time you desired in the first place. It is important not to burn yourself out on work; it is not healthy physically or emotionally.
  3. House Work And Repairs.
    Everyone has cleaning and repair work to do, it is a part of life. However, a home professional must schedule time to complete these necessary tasks, just like they schedule time to work. Becoming distracted because the flat needs dusting or the Hoover needs repair will lead to missing a day of work on your business. Once a pattern like this starts, it is hard to break, and soon you are accomplishing no work at all.
  4. Eat A Healthy Mid-Day Meal. While this may seem a silly thing to do to keep you on track during the day, it is one of the most important things that you can do to stay motivated. Taking the time to step away from your desk, eat a good meal, and enjoy a little mid-day relaxation, will help you focus on the remaining tasks of the day.
  5. Buy A Proper Office Chair.
    Again, something that may seem a bit odd, but having a proper chair will ensure that you do not become fatigued during the day. Improper seating can lead to back and shoulder strain, restless legs, and can even lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. Make 2 To-Do Lists Each Morning. You should start your day with two lists.
    The first list should contain the top five things that you need to accomplish that day. This list should encompass the most important tasks only, and it should not exceed five items. This guarantees that you can accomplish these goals each day. The second list should contain tasks that need to be accomplished that day, if there is time. By giving yourself direction, you eliminate the chances of getting distracted.

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