Mystery Shopper

Imagine being paid to order takeout, stay in a luxurious hotel, purchase items for your home, and dine out with family or friends. This is what life is like on a daily basis for a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers are responsible for interacting with staff, recounting detailed events of their experience and sharing them with mystery shopping companies.

These mystery shopping companies are hired by the corporate offices of hotels, retail establishments, financial institutions, restaurants, airports, and even hospitals to ensure that the staff is compliant with operating procedures, maintaining a high level of operational standard, and interacting professionally with customers.

Getting Started As A Mystery Shopper In The UK

There are many reputable mystery shop companies on the internet. Legitimate mystery shopping companies will never charge you to begin working for a company or on a shop assignment. Any company that requires you to pay an up-front processing, administrative, or referral fee in order to secure assignments is a scam artist.

Getting started is as easy as creating a profile on a shop’s website. It is important to include as much information as possible on the application. Based upon your location and shopping habits, you may be offered the opportunity to complete special shops that are catered to your interests. These opportunities are usually for much higher pay than traditional shop assignments.

It can take some time to develop regular shop assignments. It is very important to try and take advantage of as many available shop opportunities as you can when you first begin to mystery shop. As your experience increases and assignment opportunities become more regular, you can elect to pick and choose which assignments you would like to complete, based upon the location of the shop, pay rate, type of mystery shop assignment, and bonus potential.

Once you accept a mystery shopping assignment, you can expect to receive an e-mail from the company within a couple of days outlining your specific duties. It is extremely important to study and memorise the instructions that are sent to you by the mystery shop company. All policies and guidelines must be adhered to so that you can receive your paycheck and refund for any items purchased. These e-mails typically describe the type of shop, what you are expected to purchase, the types of questions you are to ask, as well as names of any employees that helped you, accessibility of desired items, cleanliness of the establishment, and the level of quality customer service that was received.

Some mystery shop assignments will give you a checklist of items that an employee must ask or suggest to you, during the transaction. These may include offering warranties, credit card sign-up opportunities, financial products and services, and even dessert at a restaurant.

Upon completion of the shop, it is important to complete the accompanying survey with as much detail as possible. The more details you include about the assignment in your survey, the more job offers you are likely to receive in the future. It is important to include copies of any receipts or necessary paperwork along with your completed survey. Also, be sure to turn in your survey and documents within the allotted time frame following the mystery shop assignment.

Make Money As A Mystery Shopper

It is easy and fun to make money as a mystery shopper. You can shop on your own time, create your own schedule, earn a great wage, and score some really great items for your home. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting paid to spend time with family while dining and shopping? One of the greatest benefits of being a mystery shopper is being able to provide companies with valuable feedback about their establishments.

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