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Online survey companies have been around since the internet was established, in the early 1990s. With the advancements in digital technology and our reliance upon the internet, it is now possible to earn a decent hourly wage by taking online surveys for market research companies and other major corporations. Online surveys are an excellent entry-level work from home position for virtually anyone. Online surveys require no specific set of skills, and you can choose to submit as many or as few surveys as you would like; many people work full-time and earn enough money to provide a substantial amount of supplemental income for their family. Here are some important tips to get started.

Weeding Out the Legitimate Opportunities from the Scams

Unfortunately, there are many scam artists on the internet that spend their marketing efforts attempting to scam honest, hard-working people out of their hard-earned money. The online survey industry is one of the most prayed-upon work from home sectors. It is believed that for every one legitimate work from home online survey opportunity, there are 36 others that are scams. This may be scary to read, but it designed to capture your attention and emphasise the importance of thorough research and safeguarding your personal information.

A legitimate online survey company will never ask you for any money up-front. In fact, most legitimate online survey companies will actually pay you for the initial demographical survey you take when you sign up. Any company that tells you they will grant you access to hundreds or thousands of online surveys or jobs in exchange for a sum of money is a definite scammer. Some of these websites are obviously geared towards taking your money. They are often poorly-designed websites with excessive numbers of advertisements unrelated to online surveys. They will often have many grammatical errors, pushy sales copy, and little or no contact information. Some of these sites, however, may be impeccable in their appearance. They may feature well-designed websites, offer an abundance of heart-wrenching rags-to-riches stories, and go to great lengths to take your money. This is why research is such an important factor in protecting your money and safeguarding your information.

Many online job forums, classified ad sites, local newspapers, and work from home member forums offer insightful information on where to find legitimate online survey jobs. These online communities are the best resources for information on specific online survey companies; members also post helpful tips, tricks and strategies on how to earn more money and maximise the time spent taking surveys.

Apply to Many Online Survey Sites

The key to receiving consistent, high-paying survey invitations is to apply to as many companies as possible. Market researchers send survey invitations based upon many factors. Some factors include demographic location, age, household size, household income, shopping habits, and if your home contains children or pets. It is important to provide as much detailed information as possible, when signing up for legitimate online survey sites. The more companies you apply to and the more information you provide, the more survey invitations you will receive.

Keep an e-mail account that is separate from your personal e-mail account to make organising your invitations easier. When you first start taking surveys, do not be afraid to complete some surveys for little or no pay. Companies tend to reward loyal survey-takers with higher-paying jobs after a period of time.

Online surveys are one of the most popular ways to earn money online. In exchange for your time and opinions, you will receive cash, gift cards and prizes.

Top 5 Paid Surveys For Cash in the UK:

My Survey

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Earn points for participating in online surveys! Redeem points for PayPal, gift vouchers and charity donations. My Survey is a consumer panel made up of individuals who have volunteered to participate in market research studies. My Survey is a website where panel members can participate in online research, and redeem your My Survey Points for gifts and charity donations.

Survey Head

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At Surveyhead your opinion matters! By providing honest answers to online paid market research surveys, you can help to shape the future business strategies of executives in United Kingdom around the world. In exchange for providing your valuable opinion, Surveyhead will pay you CASH Rewards and other incentives for each survey you complete. Join now at get a free CASH sign up bonus.

Toluna – Get Free Product Tests Sent to Your Home

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Toluna is an interactive community where you can; make your voice heard on a variety of subjects and to participate in polls and surveys that are of interest to you, get free product tests sent to your home, create your own polls and get others opinion. By becoming a Toluna member you are rewarded with CASH or gift vouchers for your participation.

Global Test Market

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Global Test Market value your opinion. When you become a member of Global Test Market you can receive cash rewards for taking online surveys that influence the development of new products and services. It’s free to sign up and take online paid surveys at Global Test Market. Earn rewards for your participation and redeem MarketPoints for cash.

Survey Club

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Anyone 18 years or older from the United Kingdom can earn cash, free products, points, gift cards, and prizes for simply participating in online surveys. Based on the information you provide to SurveyClub, you will have the opportunity to join some of the largest online survey companies in the world.

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