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The Internet has created a need for people with the right skills to check the content of what gets posted online. The great amount of new content making its way onto the World Wide Web has to be checked for proper spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and grammar. Many proofreading jobs are available as full time, part time or temporary appointments. A large number of them allow proofreaders to work at home and can lead to other opportunities to work from home by using the Internet. Many of these appointments have duties that overlap with the duties of a copy editor. Traditionally, the duties of a proofreader have been separate from the duties of a copy editor. A proofreader checks written copy for typographical errors and makes sure that periods and commas are in the correct places. Proofreaders also make sure that semi-colons are not used when colons should be used. A copy editor checks for factual errors and ensures that written copy is comprehensible, readable and makes sense.

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Publishers of online and printed material still have separate and distinct proofreading jobs and copy editing jobs. However, expediency sometimes requires that a proofreader check short pieces of written content for factual accuracy or general readability, such as the content for the landing page of a web site. A publisher may ask a proofreader to do some copy editing work if the proofreader has demonstrated an eye for detail and has a record of accuracy. In this way, proofreading jobs can lead to other opportunities in the publishing industry. Proofreading jobs require that a person be detail oriented and have a thorough knowledge of the rules of the language. If a proofreader can demonstrate these skills, they will make the proofreader a good candidate for copy editing and other appointments when they become available. Copy editors need to be able to read written copy and ask if the statements asserted in a piece are true, unless the piece is presented as fiction. Whether a piece fiction or non-fiction, an editor must be able to determine if an average person will find it interesting to read.

Proofreading Assignments For At Home Workers

The Internet now makes it possible for many people to take proofreading jobs and work from home. Many of these jobs are contractual and last only until a project is completed. Other jobs may require the proofreader to live within driving distance of an office so as to be able to attend meetings and corporate functions. Web sites are available that allow people to take individual proofreading assignments that they can finish in a few hours or less, and get paid by the assignment. Working on this basis allows a proofreader not only to work at home, but also provides great convenience in managing time. There are also other opportunities for online work, not necessarily in publishing. A person who has demonstrated an ability to proofread well can use the experience to take advantages of these opportunities. Like proofreading, many online jobs require an eye for detail, accuracy and reliability.

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