Selling Photography

When you are searching for a way to make money online, it is natural to turn to things that you are already good at to try to find work. Creative writers, for example, often look for writing positions, while marketing specialists look for selling opportunities. However, many people over look their hobbies or areas of interest as a place to earn money from home. Selling photographs is one of the easiest ways to generate income online if you follow a few easy steps.

Getting Started

The only thing that you will need to get started on this money making endeavour is a good camera, a computer that has high speed Internet access (to make uploading easier), and the ability to shoot some great photos.

You do not need to be a professional photographer, nor do you need to have expensive equipment to participate in these programs.

There are many sites on the Internet that will allow you to post your pictures to their site and sell them for a fee. Some sites pay a flat fee each time the picture is downloaded, other sites pay between 80 -85% of the total revenue your pictures generate each month.

It is that simple.

How To Generate Income From Selling Photographs.

  • Submit your pictures to as many photography sites as possible. Unless the site strictly forbids you from posting the picture anywhere else, you should post the same pictures to several sites. The key to making money in this type of venture is exposure. The more people that see your pictures, the more money you generate.
  • Make sure you comply with all rules on the sites you are posting to so that your photographs will sell. This includes making sure pixels are at the right amount for the site, and file format complies with their standards. Most sites require the photo to be available in .jpg format, however some may require .rgb.
  • Avoid taking pictures of specific people or business names. This can lead to legal action. If you must photograph either subject matter make sure you acquire an authorization and release from the subject or business.
  • List your photos in several categories. A sunset for example may be listed as: sunset, romantic/romance, night landscape, and so forth. The more categories you select, the better your chances are for making a sale.
  • Try specialising in a specific subject matter. When you specialise you can easily create a following of customers who already like your previous work. You can establish a clientele in this manner with very little effort.

Sites that sell photographs provide a very necessary and useful service. As the Internet continues to grow, so does the need for content and the accompanying photographs. Many magazines also search these sites to feature in their publications. Many of the people searching these sites are willing to pay large amounts of money to have exclusive rights to certain pictures, driving your income even higher.

The trick is to always have many pictures available for sale on many different sights. Make sure you let people you know that some of your photography is posted for sale on these sites; word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way.

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