Work At Home Professionals Need Fresh Air And Friendship

by WorkFromHomeJobs on March 1, 2012

Working from home as a freelance operator, a home based employee, or as a business owner is a dream come true for many people. The typical work at home professional is highly dedicated, almost to the point of being a workaholic. While it is true that many work from home so they can be more available to their families and friends, they often skip events and outings to “catch up” on a few things.

This is not healthy for the work at home professionals for many reasons including:

  • Loss of interaction with family and friends leads to a lonely existence.
  • Extended periods of time alone can cause depression
  • Lack of exercise and movement is bad for your health
  • Extended periods in front of a computer monitor is bad for your eyes
  • Lack of sunlight can lead to vitamin deficiencies that inhibit your health
  • Loss of experiences that you can never experience again

What Work At Home Professionals Can Do To Avoid This Problem

People that have a tendency to overwork often have to force themselves to take time off. They make promises to themselves and then, since the promise was only to themselves, they easily break that promise and continue working.

Listed are a few ways that you can avoid being caught in this trap:

  1. Set a play date with your children away from the home. Any parent will tell you that it is nearly impossible to break a play date with a child. Perhaps it is the guilt you feel from the sad eyes; perhaps it is because you know a cancellation will bring chaos to the house. Whatever the reason, most people are unable to break these dates and will actually leave the office.
  2. Many people decide to work from home to be more available to their children. This thought is often lost when work piles on. Arranging this play date will not only make your children happy, it will bring you back to your original goal and make you feel happy as well.

  3. Make a mid-day date with your significant other. When was the last time that the two of you did something as terribly romantic as slipping away in the middle of a busy day to be with each other? This is one of the best relationship tools on the planet, and it really helps the home based worker deal with the loneliness that they often feel.
  4. Join a civic group and sign up to volunteer. Business owners should never pass on the opportunity to network with other business owners. Joining a civic group, and actively participating in that group, will reap the work at home professional many rewards.
    Your first reward is the opportunity to be away from the office for a while. Much like making a play date with your children, people that commit to charity work are often too embarrassed to back out once they have committed to the event.

    Actively participating in your community will also give you ample time to network with other business people. Every person you meet is a potential client, and the friends you make are good for your well-being.

    Finally, performing acts of charity will always provide some solace to even the most hectic mind. When you know that your actions have helped, the good feeling you have is enough to carry you through even the most difficult of times.

  5. Pre-Pay For Entertainment. Home based professionals are generally very conscious of their money, and spending money on wasteful things is unacceptable. By pre-purchasing tickets to events that you want to go see you will force yourself to commit to the event. The mere thought of paying all that money to see a soccer game and then not using the tickets will inspire you to leave your office and attend.
  6. Set Business Hours. When a person works outside of the home they generally have set times to work each day. There is a specific time to arrive at work, and there is a specific time to leave. With a home based business it is easy to simply slip behind the computer when you awake, and slip away when you are ready to retire at night. Establishing work hours will force you to comply with a schedule. It will also help you attain your original goals to spend more time with the people you love or the hobby you enjoy.

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